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Group Class Packages

Attend classes at your own pace, taking multiple classes in a month or spacing them out.

24/7 access.

Limited memberships available.

Check availability for Levels Open Lift here.

3-Class Package
($66.33 per class)
5-Class Package
($59.80 per class)
8-Class Package
($49.88 per class)
12-Class Package
($41.48 per class)
24-Class Package
($33.29 per class)
36-Class Package
($27.75 per class)

Group Class Membership

Unlimited Access (1 year sign up)
$399 / mo
($15.96 per session*)
Pay in Advance for 6 Months
($14.66 per session*)
Pay in Advance for 12 Months
($13.33 per session*)
*Based on attending 25 classes per month.

Gym Only Membership

Get full access to gym facilities!

Train at any of our branches and enjoy 24/7 access to all facilities (except the batting cage in Phoenix) on a monthly subscription.

Gym Only
Gym + Online Access

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Need individualized attention and tailored plans?

Invest in yourself with personalized training and witness the remarkable results that await you. We'll work together to create the perfect plan.

From $100 per session

Hit it out of the park!

Our premium indoor batting cage awaits you.

Seize the opportunity to hone your skills with 150 swings, using our extensive collection of softballs and baseballs (don’t forget to bring your bat!).

$200 /mo

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